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  3. Saturday, 22 July 2023
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One of the hottest trends emerging on the free bingo games scene is without a doubt free bingo. Where online bingo overall is increasing in popularity throughout the entire industry, the phenomena called free bingo is about to take the place that used to be reserved for the "Welcome Bonus" and other bonus structures designed to entice the players to sign up and start playing.

What exactly is free bingo?

It is exactly what the name suggests: An free bingo games that players can enter for free, but still have a chance to win real cash prizes. Obviously this is a crowd pleasure set to attract many players to any online gambling site, but with many of those sites shifting their focus from a general online casino to online bingo as the core business, it is those bingo sites that are attracting most of this attention.

Why free bingo, What's the catch?

While there is no real catch to free online bingo games, they do require all players to register at the online bingo site, which makes them part of the site, more likely to eventually make a deposit, and generally speaking gradually turning into regular players.

With no deposits required players are much more likely to sign up, and when you play bingo for free, the online bingo site operators must have a place to pay out your winnings, so signing up, is only logical, so most players do not give this "formality" much thought.

After signing up they have full access to the site, can deposit if they want to, and more important withdraw their winnings from the bingo games. This method has proven far more effective than the old "welcome bonus" routine.

Does this mean the end of the bonus system?

The introduction of free bingo games, is by no means signaling the end of casino bonuses, it merely shifts the focus of the bonus system from enticing players to join to ensuring players will remain. Where in the beginning the bonuses were used to attract new players, they are now used to take those free members and turn them into regulars, who will keep coming back to play at the site, because they get extra play money when they deposit

Playing Bingo for Free is a great way to get familiar with the games, and with the site the players are playing it at, but ultimately the lure of the real jackpots provided by the regular bingo and casino games, will prove to be too much to resist, and most of the free players will at least make one deposit in order to be able to play the regular games, which is precisely what the free bingo games are there for, guiding players into the game and easing them into it.

As with everything the free bingo games are evolving, as competition increases, and online bingo sites are required to get creative in order to have their free bingo offers stand out against the offers from the competition. We live in interesting times when it comes to the gambling industry, and now more then ever, the questions is: What will they think of next?
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